4 nice handguns (2 S&W's, Browning,+High Standard)

over 3 years ago
FS:4 nice handguns (2 S&W's, Browning,+High Standard)
U.S. Military
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Long Range Hunting

I have the following for sale:
1. S&W Pre-Model 10. 38 special, 4" barrel, made late '48 or early 49'.
All serials match, even the grips are stamped matching the revolver. Excellent condition all around. Easy 90% revolver comes with holster from the era.
Asking $550 plus shipping.
2. S&W 38 Victory.
Lend-lease revolver.
Parkerized finish is excellent.
All numbers match. Comes with what appears to be WWII British Officer's holster. Nice piece of history. $500 plus shipping.
3. Browning Challenger semi-auto 22lr.
FN made in Belgium.
Comes with two mags and owners manual dated Dec. of 1963.
Serials place it 1963 also.
Gold trigger, high gloss walnut wraparound stock, easy 90% gun.
Stock shows holster wear on top right as does muzzle, but not bad at all.
Fully adjustable trigger for weight and reset. ADj. rear sights.
Gun shoots so smooth that you hear the bang but think it was a misfire because it hardly moves in your hand.
4. High Standard Military H-D model.
Easy 98% gun.
Beautiful shape all around. Fully adjustable rear sights.
One of the few High Standards with the cocking trigger.
Shoots exceptionally. Two magazines. Only made from 1945 to 1950. Is a C-R pistol.
I have tons of pics I can email to anyone interested.
Thanks for looking.