SIG P230 Stainless .380

about 3 years ago
SIG P230 Stainless .380
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Northwest Firearms
just above a right hand shooter

The design and function of the P230 is of the simple fixed barrel and straight blowback configuration.
As with all SIG pistols it has a reputation as a well-built firearm, and competes with the smaller Walther PPK, although with the slightly greater mass, recoil is not as much of a problem.
Construction is all steel.
It has a relatively narrow side and frame allowing it to be carried in an ankle holster.
The trigger has a 5.5 lb pull in single action but it is capable of both single and double action.
It has no safeties though it does have a de-cocking lever located just above a right hand shooter's thumb, similar to the PPK.
Grips are very comfortable and provide a stable hold.
This pistol comes with two 7-round magazines and because of its small dimensions can easily be carried as a concealed carry handgun.
The magazine release is behind and below the magazine floor plate and must be pushed to the rear to function.
This pistol has had very little use, and the bore is clean and bright. Since I am unable to travel due to medical reasons, I must ask that we use Tigard Pawn as the FFL.
Asking $450.