Winchester 1897 - for hunting or trap, not for cowboy action

9 months ago
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: Winchester
Model: 1897
Caliber: 12ga
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $795
Will ship (Y/N): yes, $45 extra
Hi-res picture here, LINK.
Winchester 1897
Very functional and original shotgun made in 1935. Barrel is uncut with rare modified choke (almost all 1897's are full choke). Stock is uncut. It has some wear but is very solid. This is the takedown model.
It has been detailed stripped, inspected, and cleaned. Some specific upgrades.
-New hardened and tempered action slide hook screw (link). The original part is a common failure point for the 1897.
-New left extractor (link)
-New ejector spring (link)
-New right extractor pin and spring (link)
This 1897 great operating shotgun. It goes trap shooting now and then. It would be an superb vintage hunting shotgun, and ifI end up keeping it, some dove hunting is in its future.
This shotgun is not for cowboy shooters. Please do not buy it to chop it. Uncut 1897's are getting rare, especially with modified choke.
$795 in San Diego
More pictures:
Hi-res picture here, LINK.