WTS MAS 49 and 1873 Winchester

12 months ago
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Cal Guns
San Diego

I have two rifles collecting dust in my safe.
I'd rather send them out into the world to someone who will shoot them.
First I have a MAS 49 (I have never shot it).
I cannot tell if this a s Syrian contract or not.
The serial numbers are close to what I know was a contract, but those numbers were approximate, so I don't know for sure.
I can find no import marks on the weapon, at least not any I am familiar with.
I am no expert.
Original caliber 7.5x54 and I have two original magazines for it.
If you pay the shipping, I will ship it to a C&R or regular FFL.
I also have a 1873 round barrel Winchester in 38-40, manufacture date of 1883.
This rifle was supposedly factory re-blued back in the 70's.
I originally bought it as a shooter for SASS because of the re-blue, and put a couple of boxes through it.
The action is very crisp, and maybe a bit stiff.
It hasn't had a lot of ammo through it in its life time I suspect....again I am no expert.
Aside from the bluing which was a no no, and I didn't do it, it is starting wear off in a small patch near the end of the barrel on the left side, and a bit on right side of the receiver.
This bluing job is 40 years old, and probably was factory as it has held up really well.
I won't go into detail on what a pain I had getting those two photos to load.
I would be more than happy to text or email more pictures, just send me a PM.
If you pay the shipping, I will ship.
This one requires ID at a minimum, and only to the address on the ID please.
Of course anyone in San Diego is free to do a face to face, and just pick them up.
Thank you my fellow brothers.