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Swiss K11 Sporter in .308 I have a neat little Swiss K11 thats been cut down and re-barreled for .308 instead of 7.5x55 Swiss. The gun is missing it's magazine but it fires in single shot very well and has very little recoil. Its got a few nicks here and there but its a nice sporter job. It's been tapped for a side mounte...
Mag Tactical Nano Package (9mm, Uses Glock... I have a Mag Tactical Systems 9mm rifle thats in great shape. I fired 500rds through it and its a really fun gun to shoot. Easy to break down very similar to an AR, you push out the take down pin, the charging handle comes out, and you're ready to clean. The rifle is left hand charging, but works...
8mm Mauser Ammo No longer have anything in 8mm so no need for this ammo. I have thirty 15rd boxes of Yugo 8mm (450rds total) that are packed on stripper clips. This is good, clean surplus ammo with no corrosion and is getting harder to find. $195 firm ($0.43 per round with stripper clips). New production 8mm -...
Sig M400 AR with rail, optics, ect. I have a very lightly used Sig M400 AR, the gun has seen about 100rds and is in good shape. I just got back from vacation and spent about $600 more than planned to whoops.. So I thought I better let this guy go to please the old lady but I may still trade. The has the following: Sig Cp1 scope T...
7 Ounces of Silver I have 7 ounces of silver that I had forgotten was in the back of my safe. Just ordered a couple Martini rifles and thought I would sell these to help cover some of the costs. $120 local pickup or $130 shipped. I joined the 21st century and got PayPal so that or a money order will work if someone...
Sig 2022 FDE .40 and Colt Mustang XSP both... First up I've got a Sig Sauer 2022 FDE in .40cal. This one comes with everything from the factory, Siglite night sights (still plenty bright), one additional 12rd Sigpro mag (2 mags total), Sig paddle holster and 98rds of ammo. It's had about 100rds down the pipe and is in great shape. $425 for e...
FNAR 7.62x51 Package Rifle, Scope, Ammo, Ect. I have a FNAR chambered in 7.62x51 with a Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40 mounted on it along with a Caldwell bi-pod. I also have two 20rd mags and up to 240rds of cheaper 7.62x51 that will be included. This is the 16in fluted barrel model. It does have some marks on the receiver from where the ejected sp...
VZ58/2008 Magazines, Pouch and Bayonet Got rid of my VZ and found these while I was digging for some old ammo. I've got three 30rd mags, two of which look almost unissued and the third has some light marks, one leather surplus mag pouch that holds 4 mags is in decent shape and one bayonet. I'd like $85 for all, located in Vincennes an...
Remington Model 1847 Rolling Block $325 Message text: I've got a Remington model 1874 rolling block that is stamped "ejercito de Guatemala" which means army of Guatemala.This gun is beautiful with a deep dark blue and pretty nice wood which means that it has been redone at some point because I believe the original's were case hardened....
30-06 on Garand clips and Lake City 7.62x5... I have 256rds of Taiwanese surplus 30-06, these came out of a 264rd can that was opened a couple weeks ago (I'm keep one 8rd clip for my own collection). The orignal "spam" can will be included as well. These were packed from the factory on the clips. The head stamp is 60A 30 60 and the ammo is c...
MSAR STG-556 Well I've gotten bored with this one and decided try to trade it for something different. It's a Gen 2 MSAR STG-556 chambered in .223. Comes with 5 mags, one 10rd, one 20rd, and three 42rd mags. All are factory MSAR mags, no knock offs. Mostly looking to trade for a nice psl package including sco...
Remington 30-40 Krag Ammo I have two boxes (40rds) of Remington 180gr Core-Lokt 30-40 Krag. I picked these up with a bunch of other ammo and I have no use for it. The cheapest I could find these online was like $32. $40 for both boxes picked up in Vincennes or I'll trade for other ammo (.22, .357/.38, .303 brit, 7.62x39, ...
Vintage "Pachmayr Super Deluxe Case" Pisto... I have this pretty neat vintage Pachmayr "Super Deluxe Case by Gun Works INC". The case itself has seen some better days but seems solid. It still has the mount for the spotter scope and the original key is with it. A friend of mine was a big time shooter in the 80's and this used to be his every...
Pre-Ban Calico M100P 100rd .22 I have pre-ban Calico M100P chambered in .22 thats in great shape with low round count. I sold its brother the M100 rifle so I thought I might as well get rid of the pair during this safe clean out to help recoup some money from a recent Enfield buying spree. Comes with one 100rd helical drum and...
Lot of mixed brass for reloading Anyone around Vincennes need brass? I'm not gonna get into reloading like I had hoped so I'm getting rid of the brass I have collected. This is all out door range picked up so it's still dirty and not deprimed. Located in Vincennes, $50 for all a lot are still have boxes. The picture doesn't obvi...
Calico M100 .22 I have a calico M100 .22 for sale or trade. This is the older style that is now discontinued that has a different style drum. This is a very light weight .22 with a retractable stock and 100rd drum. The gun feeds great with quality ammo and has had the tensioner spring in the drum replaced 200rds...
Subject Price Brand Price Found
Daniel Defense 01-147-81662 SLiM 9.0 Free Float Keymod Rifle $256.00 - 4 hours ago
Swiss K11 Sporter in .308 $150.00 Ted Williams over 3 years ago
Mag Tactical Nano Package (9mm, Uses Glock Mags) $850.00 Sig Sauer over 3 years ago
8mm Mauser Ammo $220.00 Mauser over 3 years ago
Sig M400 AR with rail, optics, ect. $825.00 Sig Sauer almost 4 years ago
7 Ounces of Silver $130.00 Martini about 4 years ago
Sig 2022 FDE .40 and Colt Mustang XSP both with extras $600.00 Colt about 4 years ago
FNAR 7.62x51 Package Rifle, Scope, Ammo, Ect. - RPK about 4 years ago
VZ58/2008 Magazines, Pouch and Bayonet $85.00 Romanian about 4 years ago
Remington Model 1847 Rolling Block $325 $325.00 Remington about 4 years ago
30-06 on Garand clips and Lake City 7.62x51 blanks $100.00 Other about 4 years ago
MSAR STG-556 $1,450.00 Other about 4 years ago
Remington 30-40 Krag Ammo $40.00 Enfield about 4 years ago
Vintage "Pachmayr Super Deluxe Case" Pistol/Range Box, So... $35.00 Other about 4 years ago
Pre-Ban Calico M100P 100rd .22 $475.00 Calico about 4 years ago
Lot of mixed brass for reloading $50.00 Winchester about 4 years ago
Calico M100 .22 $400.00 Taurus about 4 years ago