» Benchmade 42 Bali-Song for sale

almost 2 years ago
» Benchmade 42 Bali-Song for sale
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Hello, everyone.
I have a Benchmade 42 Bali-Song for sale.
I am looking for serious offers on it and what I plan on doing is selling it to the person with the best offer.
It is in mint condition (hasn't been flipped at all or used in any way) and comes in the original box with the sheath and the user care guide.
I sell my knives on Ebay typically but since you can't sell balisongs there, I came here instead.
I am currently selling the accompanying 40T trainer on Ebay; you can see it here (I mentioned in that auction that I would be coming here to sell this 42):
Benchmade 40T
Ebay auction
I know people are sometimes leery of first-time posters.
If you look through my feedback in the Ebay link, you'll see that I've sold other Benchmade knives recently and the buyers are always completely satisfied.
Payments via Paypal only, please, and I am not looking to trade, only sell.
Shipping in the U.S. only.
I will ship this for free via USPS Priority mail.
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