CF Seb & CF M4 Stryker

about 3 years ago
CF Seb & CF M4 Stryker
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Alberta Canada

For sale Knife Art exclusive carbon fiber Sebenza 21 with S35VN and Knives Ship Free exclusive Benchmade Stryker in carbon fiber and M4.
1. Sebenza 21... This knife is in excellent shape and I couldn't bring myself to carry it and scratch it up.
I copied the secondary bevel then put a 10 stroke micro bevel on at 25/side with my Wicked Edge.
The CF has one small blemish from the factory which you'll be able to see in the pictures.
I also put a nice thick titanium deep carry clip on to match the blue standoff and thumb stud. (Comes with original too)
Comes with all the papers, microfiber cloth, grease, hex key and lanyard.
Date of manufacture is March 4th, 2015
I am aski sold CAD shipped in Canada.
2... Benchmade Stryker KSF exclusive in carbon fiber and M4 blade Steel
This knife is in new condition.
I copied the secondary bevels with my Wicked Edge and then I put a 25/side micro bevel on.
I don't think much of Benchmades deep carry pocket clip. I don't think it has enough retention. I also put a nice thick titanium blue deep carry pocket clip on this one. It works well and it also matches the standoffs.
I'm asking $old
I will accept EMT or PayPal plus three and a half percent.
Please email, private message or just reply to this thread.
Thank you for looking.