» CRK, Ti Spyderco's, Few others.

almost 2 years ago
» CRK, Ti Spyderco's, Few others.
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Hello, some rough circumstances have prompted me to sell off what's left of my knife collection. It's been a few years since I actively collected knives, and my girlfriend and I need to move from CA to NY asap. Hard to let them go, as all I have left are real favorites. But such is life. All the knives are light users, and I'm trying to give fair prices for you all to walk away with a deal.
I'm willing to ship anywhere in the US, and if you're oversea's i'm happy to ship to you if you can help cover a bit of the shipping. I also intend to donate $1 to knifeforums for each knife sold.
Please don't hesitate to email me with questions, or more detailed pictures. Not interested in any trade.
Chris Reeve Large Sebenza Insingo; $350
Some light scratches on Ti scales, blade is still sharp with no visible wear. Action and lockup are both perfect.
Spyderco Ti-Military; $150
Action is smooth, I keep it a bit tight for perfect centering, but that makes the action feel more like a Sebenza. I've never found a point where I could make it easily "flickable" and keep the perfect centering. Could probably use a sharpening, but wear is minimal. I'll try to show the light scratches in the ti scales. There has always been a little front/back play in the knife, I believe this is because of the design of the blade tang, and the steel plate in the framelock doesn't allow the lock to 'stick', like most TI framelocks.
Spyderco Sage 2; $130
I am missing the pocket clip for this one, as I used it as a gentlemen's knife, in a suit pocket. I looked into replacing the clip years ago, and it should be compatible with any Spyderco wire clip. Not sure if spyderco will sell one to you. Again, this could use a good sharpening, but the edge is in good shape. Some light scratches on the TI. Lockup is solid.
Benchmade Mini-Griptilian (Black blade, olive handle, half serrated.); $60
154CM blade, some scratches in the black coating, and on the coated pocket clip. Action is smooth, lockup is solid.
Cold Steel Voyager XL (Old style, Tanto, Full Serrated.) $50
This guy is pretty old. Has a chip in the serrations, and a few little rust spots on the blade. Black coating on the clip is fairly worn. Still a neat discontinued knife.
Don't hesitate to contact me via email with any questions you have, and i'm happy to take more pictures if needed.
My email is; 'patterson.tucker9@gmail.com'
Thanks for the interest!