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almost 2 years ago
» FS:  Two Customized Protechs
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I've got two real nice Protechs I need to sell. I would not be interested in a trade unless it is for a mint-condition folding Chris Reeve or limited-edition
Benchmade of equal value. The price below includes USPS Priority shipping with insurance. I will accept USPS money orders or Paypal (if youre willing to pay 3% for the fees). The knives were tough to price because I cant find anything comparable to them. I think the prices are more than fair, though. Please, dont bother with lowball offers. Both knives come in their original boxes with the original baggie and Protech paperwork. Each knife has a ridiculously strong actionalmost funny. They are in mint, unused condition and have always been stored open in a protected case. Let me know if you have questionsthanks for looking!
1. (CUSTOMIZED) First Production Run Blue Jazz Godfather (serial #501)
2. (CUSTOMIZED) First Production Run Blue Jazz Godson (serial #036)
These two knives started life as standard first-production-run blue jazz pieces with G-10 inlays. However, during a conversation with Dave at Protech (owner/founderreally great guy!), Dave offered to pimp them out for me. Of course, I jumped at the chance. What came back to me a couple weeks later was a gorgeous one-of-a-kind Godfather/Godson set. What makes these knives different and special is that Dave added carbon fiber inlay to the firing buttons and replaced the stock G-10 scales with some really nice carbon fiber. They were sweet knives when I sent them in, but with the carbon fiber in the button and on the handles, they became spectacular. Of course, its pretty cool also that they were customized personally for me and are therefore the only ones to exist. I would like to sell them as a set for $450. If you REALLY want just one of them, maybe Ill consider an offerbut I personally would like to see them stay together.
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