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about 2 years ago
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Hello, I would like to first state that I have not been a very active buyer/seller of used knives for many years now. That being said, my prices are to the best of my knowledge, Fair. If I am way off, please let me know. All prices are not final, however I am not in a rush to sell certain knives. Don't be afraid to make an OFFER! I would love to sell everything listed.
All prices are SHIPPED CONUS Via USPS Express or something along that nature, Paypal or Check only (will ship after check is cleared)
Top to Bot:
Schrade SCHOTF5 $23: Locks up like the day I got it
Benchmade Stryker D2 steel $120: Liner lockup is perfect, still left of the center tang.
Spyderco Delica with Self made wave $35: Wave feature works perfectly, lower profile then the offical Emerson wave Spydercos' produced
Spyderco G-10 Dragonfly $65
Case Doctor Plum $35: #1 of 3000
Case Doctor Lime $15: #1 of 3000, Badge is missing
Crkt Chogan $40: comes with custom leather head sheath
So these are a little special
These were done by Oupa Dirk Potgieter Back in 2005
Rat 7 D2 Blade $175 With Sheath: Handle is made from Vintage Rhodesian Teak(Front and Back), Cocobolo, Corian,Cocobolo (in the center)
Custom Oupa $100 W/sheath: I believe the steel is 1095, Handle is Hammered Brass Bolster/End, Australian Jarrah wood (center)
Thank you for looking. Feel free to Contact me with any questions.
Kien Thai