Spyderco D'Allara and Ulize, BM AFCK and 531BK

about 3 years ago
Spyderco D'Allara and Ulize, BM AFCK and 531BK
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Arizona, USA

Trying to pay down some debts and set money aside for school, so I'm letting a few more knives go. Please read the descriptions and view the photos for full details. I ship via USPS Priority, and all prices include shipping and PayPal fees!
The only trades I would consider would be a 903BK in like-new condition, or a 555 Mini-Grip (satin or BK is fine, no serrations!) for the wife.
First is a used D'Allara. This thing is freaking comfortable as all get out in the hand, but it's quite large and bulky in the pocket. I tolerate it fine, but I carry my Grips more than anything else, so this needs to go to free up funds. It does have wear on the FRN handles as pictured, but is otherwise is great shape. Flicks open effortlessly, locks up solid, and again, feels amazing. I'll miss this one, but you can give it a great home! Comes with the box. I'm asking $110.
Second is a near-new Ulize. I carried this one for a few days so it does have some light wear on the pocket clip. This is a great knife! It's thin, doesn't take up much pocket space, and feels great. I just don't carry it much, and don't have the means to sharpen a recurve like this, so I'm parting with it while it still has the factory edge. I'll buy another one later (yes, it's that good!), but can't justify keeping it for now. Comes with the box and bubble-wrap sleeve, and she's SHARP! $100 and she's all yours!
First is a well-loved 800S AFCK. This one's a definite user, and came that way to me. The tip has a tiny flat spot, the blade is off center (prior owner tried shimming it with different thickness washers), one of the butterfly medallions is missing, and it shows good use. Lockup is very late, but there's no lock-rock and the blade is solid when deployed. If you're a "nervous flicker," this one might not be for you, since you'll finish off the lock bar too soon. If you want to try a BM classic on the cheap, OR you have one of these and want some spare parts (scales, back spacer, and all hardware in great shape!), this is for you. The ATS-34 blade has a LOT of life left in it, with the late lockup being the only real limitation, in my mind. Send it off to BM for a spa, and I bet it'll come back looking much better! It comes with a BM baggie and that's it. I'm looking to get $85 for this classic.
Lastly (for now) is a like-new 531BK. I carried this once and had planned to put it into my rotation, but never got to it. It's incredibly thin and light-weight, and sharp as a razor w/ it's factory edge. Want a discreet gentlemen's carry? This is for you! Comes with the box, baggie, and papers. Yours for just $115