RBR tactical body armor

almost 3 years ago
RBR tactical body armor
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Billings MT

I hate to let these go but some unforeseen things came up that money is now needed for.
These will be sold as a set
PayPal preferred either as discreet or you pay the 3%
Know your local laws regarding body armor. The buyer assumes 100% liability for buying and using armor
First pm or email wins
No trades at this time. Normally I would but just need cash on this one
I bought these new in box a few years back and they have just sat in a gear locker never to be used.
It looks like they are no longer made, but
I found this on another site and it seems legit as I have the exact same plates. If anyone has any more info please pm me.
I paid 250 per plate but am only asking $325.00 shipped for the pair along with a Blackhawk carrier.
These are level III stand alone/level IV in conjunction with Soft armor , they are extremely light weight and are triple curved to fit your body perfectly
RBR Combination III/IV Rifle Plate: 10x12
NIJ Certified Level III/IV in conjunctin with RBR IIIA soft armor.
RBR Tactical Armor, Inc. offers the highest levels of NIJ Certified ballistic hard armor protection available. With the marriage of lightweight ceramic hard armor and the RBR Flex IIIA-35 soft armor system, RBR has reduced the weight of the hard armor plate while continuing to offer life saving NIJ III/IV protection. The RBR CP III/IV Plate is Multi-Curve 10 x 12 (5.6 lbs.) Ceramic Face 99% Alumina, Backed by Kevlar, Nylon Wrapped.
" 10" x 12" - 5.6 lbs.
" Multi-hit capability
" Defeats 7.62x54mm R LPS 148.0 gr. at 2400+ fps multi-hit (6+rounds)
" Defeats 5.56x45mm M855 Ball 62.0 gr. at 3300+ fps multi-hit (6+ rounds)
" Defeats 7.62x51mm M80 at 2925+ fps multi-hit (6 rounds)
" Defeats 7.62mm NATO 148 gr. (.308 caliber) FMJ at 2780 fps multi-hit (6 rounds)
" Defeats one round of .30 cal armor piercing (AP2) at 2850 fps