Spyderco Manix 1st Gen (big and little), Blackhawk, Blue & Tan Kahr Arms Delica

over 3 years ago
Spyderco Manix 1st Gen (big and little), Blackhawk, Blue & Tan Kahr Arms Delica
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Here are todays Radioactive set of knives for your consideration.
These are all NIB/unused - never sharpened, carried or used to cut anything AFAIK.
Please note that the knives being offered today, aside from the Kahr Arms Delicas, are old and may show some light scuffs or spots on the clip and/or G10 scales from them rattling around in boxes for the past 20+ years.
Trying to clean off some of the minor spots of goo mainly resulted in me adding more towel fluff to the G10, but they are most certainly removable by using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I thought it best to just leave them be for today).
I have done my best to photograph them and describe any issues that may concern potential buyers/collectors.
The original unused Manix 1s and Blackhawk below are all in their original boxes, but did not come to me with any paperwork (AFAIK, I am the second owner).
All are well-centered (the big PS Manix leans slightly to the clip side), and man do these old boys lock up solid (the Manixes have 4-mm thick blades!)
As noted previously in my last threads, there are some small purple blobs in some pics (in the Spyder logo in the close-ups); these are dead pixels in my iPhone camera sensor.
If youre interested in more than one knife, please let me know so I can give you a small discount!
Manix 80mm Black G10 CPM-S30V partially serrated CC#005 (C101GPS) $170
(For this sale, I replaced the mildly scratched pocket clip with a brand new one from Spyderco.
Original box/no paperwork.
No Spydie logo, how cool is that?
BTW, you know it's legit, it has a CC #.)
Manix Black G10 CPM-S30V (C95GP) $190
(Pocket clip shows light scuffs.
Original box/no paperwork.)
Manix Black G10 CPM-S30V partially serrated CC#071 (C95GPS) $190
(Pocket clip shows light scuffs.
Original box/no paperwork.
Also no Spydie logo and check out the crazy spine jimping!
Never seen another model with that personally...)
Blackhawk Black G10 GIN-1 partially serrated (C24GPS) $150
(There is the little brother of the Renegade and one of the predecessors to the Native series. Original box/no paperwork.
And another with no Spydie logo, box says 2002, this one is flawless.)
Delica 4 Khaki Tan FRN Stonewashed VG-10 Kahr Arms Exclusive (C11KAPKH) $85
Delica 4 Blue FRN Stonewashed VG-10 Kahr Arms Exclusive (C11KAPDB) $85
All standard BF buying/shipping rules apply.
You must be at least 18 years old and it is your responsibility to know and adhere to your local knife carry laws (I will not ship knives to NYC).
I accept PayPal goods/services (add 3.5% to stated price; no PP gift option please) or USPS money orders as payment.
Knives will not be shipped until full payment is received.
Shipping will be USPS First Rate Priority insured.
If you wish for me to add additional insurance beyond the standard $50 worth (which I strongly recommend), please add $5 to the total cost to offset the added charge at the PO.
First Ill take it in this thread followed by an email/PM will make it yours.
No international sales (sorry!); all sales are final.
Thank you!