Barlow blow-out

almost 3 years ago
Barlow blow-out
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Unloading several of my barlows that never get pocket time. Pricing these to sell. I may have the tube/box for these, then again I am not certain. I will include with the knife when it ships if I do have any.
These are priced well below what I paid. Payment via Paypal goods....shipping is included. US sales only at these prices please. Judge condition by looking at the pics please. Listed top to bottom in the pics.
1. Schrade sawcut bone barlow. Like new condition. $85
2. Case smooth Appaloosa bone barlow. Polished blades with some small pitting polished out. $80
3. S&M jigged bone barlow. Like new. $90
4. Boker bone barlow, looks to have carbon steel blades. Like new. $85
5. GEC Northfield 77 with sawcut bone. Small crack in one scale where it was dropped, stabalized with super glue. New otherwise. $75 SPF to tstaut
6. Robeson spearpoint single-blade barlow in red bone. Like new. $80
7. Robeson clip-point single-blade barlow in red bone. Like new. $80 buy #6 and 7 together for $150
8. Robeson stag barlow. Like new. $100
First "I will take it" in this thread wins....followed up with a PM or email please. I intend to ship on Friday and will let the sale run for Thursday.

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