Some Spyderco lil' folders & Custom Byrd Crow

over 6 years ago
Some Spyderco lil' folders &  Custom Byrd Crow
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I am selling a bunch of Spyderco Ladybugs, two Dragonfly's, the bug set, and a Baby Wayne Goddard.
Prices are with PayPal fees, PayPal only.
Shipping will vary with the number of items. 1 item $3.00 ea, 2 or more, up to 5 items, $5.00 small flat rate w/tracking each shipment
No trades.
Ask all questions BEFORE posting I'll take it as per BF Buyer's Guidelines.
International shipping MAYBE, but ASK 1st! Only with conditions. Mainly, I won't lie on the customs forms, have NO responsibility in condition of item or delivery time, and only ship in small flat rate w/tracking, which costs more!
Ladybugs are as follows.
Stainless Steel, NIB, VG-10 SE 37.00
Black FRN used with box, VG-10 SE 27.00
Green FRN, used with box, old version, PE 20.00
Blue FRN CE used, no box 17.00
Dragonfly Black FRN SE. Older model, no box. Integrated clip, but in excellent shape. $30.00
SS Bug, Honeybee, and Grasshopper as a set only. NIB. $25.00
A Baby Wayne Goddard LOOOONG Discontinued. Black/dark brown Micarta scales, CE. Blade is in excellent shape. Doesn't look carried, but does look old. NO box, $45.00
Dragonfly Tattoo, NIB PE. Missing sticker from the box. It fell off and I put it up. Pretty good, as I can't find it. No pic. It's NIB and any stock pic is this knife. $55.00
I also have a Byrd Crow. Was NIB before I pimped it. This came with a black g-10. It is a project knife to see what it needed to make a great knife out of a good knife.
I replaced the Black with Pink G-10. I installed a lanyard tube (these come with just a hole), the clip holes in the liner are NOT tapped, apparently they rely on just the G-10 to hold the clip. I tapped the liner with 4-40 and used new screws.
Project was going well until the LAST screw for the scale. Figures. I had drilled the scales so that the screw heads would fit in tight, so I had to crank the screws in pretty firm. Three worked fine, #4 froze at just a tad from being seated. About a fingernail's thickness. The problem is, the weak TORX stripped and I can't back it out to see what the obstruction is. The knife is smooth and blade is centered. DEFINITELY one of a kind with the pink scales, lanyard tube and tapped clip screws. But, can't fix the one screw. I am doing a Raven the same way, and will use a different method to attach the scales. Live and learn.
Anyway, still a great knife. With box, $35.00 $5.00 shipping, or will put in a flat rate box with 1-5 of the above knives.
Here is that pesky screw