Spyderco Citadel 92mm Black: Neither Used or Carried

over 5 years ago
Spyderco Citadel 92mm Black: Neither Used or Carried
Dark Hollow
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I have a very special knife here for you guys. The Spyderco Citadel 92mm in Black. This knife has neither been used or carried. It is mint. I do no longer have the box but this knife has barely left my pelican case since I bought it.
This was Spyderco's first automatic knife and is now discontinued. Spyderco couldn't have made a worse decision because as an auto-phile/switchblade-aholic, I can say that this auto is nothing short of one of the best side opening automatics I have ever held. Everything from the Ergos to the Lockup to the Action is pure perfection.
Spyderco couldn't have done it better if their life depended on it. This is nothing short of an extremely high performance auto. This is a perfect heavy duty oriented knife as well as the perfect Blacktical Tactical self defense auto. This is also great for EDC as it's not too big, it has a safety, and a relatively low ride pocket clip.
This knife originally MSRP for $250. I bought it for less than that so no worries there. I'm not gonna ask for that much. But since it is discontinued, it has only increased in value, especially since it is mint. But like I said, I don't have the box so that shifts the price in your favor, so we're now on par.
PayPal preferred but not required, and shipping is on me.
I know I don't have to be a salesman with this knife, as I know all you auto-phile/switchblade-aholics know what this knife is all about, but some people might not know about this knife so I have to fill them in on what this knife is all about.