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almost 4 years ago
» ZT, autos, balis, Randalls
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It's been a long time since I posted something for sale on this or any other forum, so bear with me if I don't have it quite right.
First off, the "fine print:"
No trades. If you think I have something irresistible, try me, but don't be too disappointed if I manage to resist.
If you really want it, e-mail me! Use my screen name at hotmail. I plan to list things on multiple forums (sorry, need to sell), and the only way to keep time stamps straight is by e-mail. Afterwards, post your "I'll take it" or send me a message. Asking questions isn't "I'll take it."
Prices include shipping in U.S. with tracking, but no insurance. That's extra if you want it. I accept PayPal, money orders, and will take personal checks but they have to clear first. Cash works, but it's risky sending it.
I will ship outside U.S., but if you don't want to pay for Priority Mail Express, then I can't help you or be responsible once I place it in the mail here.
I don't have a photo hosting service, so I will only include limited photos as attachments. I have lots of photos, so if you want to see more of something, ask.
I will consider offers, but I may choose to decline them - especially on the Randalls. If you want a Randall for half the catalogue price, without the 4 year wait, shipping included - call the factory and see what they have to say about it.
Like I said, I haven't tried selling anything in a while, so my prices may be off, a little or a lot. I am trying to be fair and reasonable.
First, a BM 62. New in box, not flipped, taken out for pics only. $275
An old classic which I am told is a Benchmade Model 30. Weehawk blade, steel handles, t-latch. Used, kind of: looks like it was carried in the pouch, probably flipped, but doesn't look like the edge was ever touched since factory, though it's also not sharp. Nice old knife. $225
ZT 0560.Box & papers included, don't think it was used - I know I didn't - but there are a couple (I counted 4) scratches on one side of blade. Super sharp edge, flips well, locks up solid, typical tank, with ELMAX blade. $175
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