Bill Harsey customs consolidated (prototypes, 1-off, etc.)

almost 3 years ago
Bill Harsey customs consolidated (prototypes, 1-off, etc.)
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My Bill Harsey collection consolidated thread (repeated after more than 14 days since previous one). That's what I have in my hands and what I just have for sale (with a reason, known and supported by my friend Bill).
Without really good reason none of them would be offered so please no trades, I'll not trade them for other knives. If you have seriuos offer ($$$) just ask me via priv, no problem with that. Some really rare stuff here...
LOGISTICS, ETC. >>> Payment terms, shipment etc. to be agreed case by case depending on your location etc. but generally I prefer PayPal. Knives located in my hands in Europe (Poland). I can ship worldwide (EMS or Registered Priority Mail).
1. Bill Harsey - H-Class Tanto - PROTOTYPE
blade size: 5.5"
info: carried, used, not abused.Hardcore beefy fixed blade.
price: $1600
2. Bill Harsey - Tactical Fighter Project #1 - PROTOTYPE
blade size: 7"
info: crisp & new, true #1 prototype from Bill. This one is a proto of special fighter designed for SF guys. I was lucky to meet both Bill and SF consultatnt involved in this project in 2009 in Atlanta... it's a TRUE fighter, designed and made by Bill and consulted by one of the most badass combat fighters from 1st Special Forces Group. Grail!
price: $2650
3. Bill Harsey - Applegate Combat Folder
blade size: 4.5"
info: One of custom folders, designed for Gerber and delivered to Col. Rex Applegate for final approval. Incl. original paperwork and signature. Double edged blade, wicked sharp.
price: $1350
4. Bill Harsey - Ti Utility/Tactical folder - 1-off
blade size: 3.85"
info: Full size EDC Tactical Folder from Bill Harsey... nuff said! Ti handle, polished & satin rubbed blade, thick Ti liner. Would add value to any tactical collection, but if you'd like to use it - go ahead, it's a great utility blade! Features diagonal grip grooves for your thumb, which vastly speeds up out-of-pocket draw, it's awesome feature! Pocket clip is strong and keeps knife secure in the pocket. Attention to detail is incredible, including custom finished screws and handle inlays (stainless pins), milled internal lock pocket, etc. Also one of the first true tactical folders made by Bill.
PLUS the funny inscription inside the handle... is just 100% Bill Harsey sense of humor, just this small feature makes it collection-worthy, LOL. I've been never aware of that before, discovered it just 2 weeks ago and it's just this one like that! Recently Bill told me that he remembered this little joke very well. Yeah Bill is a great dude. And a knifemaking legend! It's 1-off full custom.
Knife is in great condition, unused and crazy sharp! Lockup is ROCK solid, perfect early lock alignment on the left side of the tang. Even washers are custom made of polished stainless steel - it's one of the smoothest folders I know! Like bank vault door - smooth and secure, and when it locks in place - it's like a rock.
price: $2200
5. Bill Harsey - H-Class Combat Folder #1 - PROTOTYPE
blade size: 5.5" (yes! it's 5.5" blade monster folder!)
info: One of a kind folder from Bill, big, bad, strong and could be utimate core of any tactical collection. Already regret selling it but it has to go. #1 ever from Bill IMHO.
price: $4250