XM-18 3.5" CPM-20CV Spearpoint

almost 3 years ago
XM-18 3.5" CPM-20CV Spearpoint
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Hinderer XM-18 3.5" 20CV spear point
I got this one a while ago and searched for a titanium scale until I stumbled on these great aluminum scales
( if you're interested in getting one please don't hesitate to let me know and I will hook you up with the manufacturer's contact nformation). Got a fishing trip coming up that I don't want to put on my credit card.
This knife actually flips. It actually has a strong detent. The blade actually drops free when the lock is disengaged. There is no side to side play, and there is no up and down play.
This unit was pretty much new when I got it. I have done a few things to it.
I I did an acid stonewash on the blade. I also rounded off the front of the flipper tab because it was far too sharp for the detent being as strong as it is.
I have polished the secondary bevel to 1000 Naniwa Chosera with a 400 grit micro bevel.
I I bead blasted the clip and filler tab then darkened it an oxy clean solution.
This unit will come with the original titanium liner, the black G10 scale and 4 sets of spare Teflon washers.
Here a video link:
Here are some pictures. It will ship with the clip and filler tab from the last picture. The first clip was a failed attempt at doing that cracked ice finish.
These go for $590 Canadian brand new. This one has $120 aluminum scale and a few modifications.
I am asking $550 Canadian shipped in Canada.
I will take EMT or PayPal. If it's PayPal goods and services please add three and a half percent.
Please email, private message, or just reply to this thread.
Thank you very much for looking.