» DDR AXD, Strider, Micortech,

over 3 years ago
» DDR AXD, Strider, Micortech,
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WTS the following.
Darrel Ralph Designs/DDR AXD 5.5 real deal, not the HTM version, Lightly used, has carry wear, $1200 new. $700
Cold Steel Espada Large, carried, great condition, phenominal slicer $100
Microtech ANAX, very lightly carried, slight wear on clip, bought new for $1700 3 months ago. $1000
Strider SMF DGG, carried, wear on clip, slight rubbing on blade.
Lockup perfect, new geometry.
Gray Precision toxic green LBS.
Bought new from Steel Addiction (have receipt) for $550+
I will accept Paypal on the Cold Steel and the Strider.
I will only accept a USPS MO or bank wire trasfers on the Microtech and the DDR.
These are expensive knives that represent alot of time and investment on my part and I can not afford to be scammed out of them which I already got done dealing with 1 scammer this week.
Reason Im selling is because Im now having my second child and shits gotta go and its gotta go fast because we need bigger vehicles, bigger place to live etc etc.
Email me with questions or arrange to talk.