Curtis F3, Crusader Forge, Alphahunter, Terzuola, Stout, Chaves, Medford and others.

almost 3 years ago
Curtis F3, Crusader Forge, Alphahunter, Terzuola, Stout, Chaves, Medford and others.
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If you buy more than 1, I'll give you a decent discount.
Curtis F3 Large 4" - Never carried, mint. Every aspect is perfect - $650
Crusader Forge VIS 01 - Never carried, mint.* Everything is perfect.* Bead Blasted S30V Blade with Textured handle, super wear resistant and grippy - $1000
Crusader Forge VF Flipper - Never carried, but a few light handling marks on the handle only.* These are RARE - $1200
Crusader Forge Metro - Never carried, mint Ti/G10 Tan/Coyote, best action on a crusader forge I've felt, every aspect perfect - $600
Alphahunter WarHorse Dark Knight #1 - Never carried, mint, Every aspect is perfect - $1795
ZT 0600 - RJ Martin - Never carried, mint in every way.* Every aspect is perfect - $675
Terzuola/Microtech D/A Hidden Bolster Lock SN #570, Blade favors show side slightly, but will center by tightening the pivot..need the microtech 3 prong bit. Amazing in everyway, perfect condition. never carried. Comes with original soft sheath/case - $1595
Medford 187F Flipper Proto #1.* This is the ONLY Full ti 187F actually built by Medford.* Comes with the Starlingear Bead ($300 value).* Perfect action, centering, lockup, etc.* Great one of a kind knife with history - $1695
JB Stout Midtech 325 Megalodon CAMK - Brand New, never modified, perfect in every way, no sticky lock, perfect action, centered, etc - $500
CAMK Chaves 228 Midtech with every modification possible. Done by Derek Razor Sharp, amazing work.* Two tone blade, mirrored edge, gear pattern backspacer, bronze anodized handle, thumb groove on handle, thumb release grooves, never carried, got sent to the modifier the day I received it. - $700
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