2014 ADV Butcher S35VN/Titanium~Satin Finish

almost 3 years ago
2014 ADV Butcher S35VN/Titanium~Satin Finish
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Putting up for sale my 2014 ADV Butcher. S35VN blade steel, Titanium handles, comes with the ADV pouch the knife came in. I've never carried or used this knife, and to my knowledge neither did the previous owner. It's been just sitting around really. Had a bad urge for this knife last year and hunted until I found this EXACT combination, in my opinion the best looking combination on the knife.
The blade is ever so slightly off center, but I didn't want to adjust it to retain it's originality, but an easy task to do so. The Butcher has a great action as well, flips open and closed nicely. There are a couple surface marks on the blade near where it says "S35VN" but I can't even get them to show in a picture. They had to have come from when the knife was made. I'm overly picky which is why I noticed them.
My asking price for this knife is $425. This price includes PayPal fees and USPS Small Flat Rate Priority box shipping within the CONUS. I can ship internationally at the buyers expense.
-All prices have been adjusted to reflect +3% to cover PayPal fees.
-To the maximum extent possible item will be shipped USPS priority with tracking. If unable to ship via USPS I will inform you
-First "I'll take it" followed my immediate contact after for payment information gets the item listed according to timestamp. I will provide PayPal information at that time.
-I reserve right to refuse sale for any reason
-This ad is cross posted elsewhere, so the potential for it being sold before you get to it is possible. I'll do my best to keep it readily updated