ADV Butcher $275

almost 3 years ago
ADV Butcher $275
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18+, know your laws, your accepting responsibility once purchasing. I am not liable for any damage done by the knife.
Got an adv butcher for sale. Has been used and has had pocket time. Has a blue and gold camo pattern on it. Comes with adv pouch. The knife locks up solid when the screws are tight. After flipping it for a while The screws come loose and the knife starts to get some up and down lock play. I don't want to mess with it and don't have the time. It could be solved if you tighten the lock bar or lock tight the screws in right. I'm SELLING AS IS. I will not accept returns if you get it and strip the screws or break the lock bar trying to tighten. Can be sent to warranty if it's bothersome. $275 net. I pay shipping and insurance.