Case, AG Russell, Electrician's Barlow

almost 3 years ago
Case, AG Russell, Electrician's Barlow
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I've tried my best to find prices on these knives so I can list them appropriately.
I may be leaving some money on the table or I may have over listed.
I figure if it goes fast I left money on the table.
Consider all these knives in good, used condition.
Structurally sound and in good shape.
The only trade I will consider is a single blade slip joint that is THIN.
No thick handles and preferably a sheepsfoot blade but i'm not picky.
All process listed are actual prices, no fees to add, no shipping fees to add.
First up is a Case Long C Stockman with a sheath.
The sheath has a belt loop for horizontal carry.
I had the length of the large blade shortened to just under 3" in order to comply with local laws.
The knife is barely used and has been sitting for quite some time.
Knife and sheath $80, shipped CONUS.
Pics of all three:
AG Russell Reverse Congress - I love this knife but I don't carry it anymore, I just don't like the way it sits in my pocket.
It's a very solid knife.
The sheepsfoot blade is not perfectly straight, never was from day one.
$100 shipped CONUS
Colonial Barlow Electrician's knife
shipped CONUS