Custom Calton Forged Chopper and a KFU Skinner

almost 6 years ago
Custom Calton Forged Chopper and a KFU Skinner
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Included in price is shipping via USPS Priority and Delivery confirmation. Please look closely at the pics and determine condition for yourself, even though I will explain to the best of my ability.
Paypal (gift option or add +3%) is the preferred method of payment.
An ?I?ll take it? followed by a PM trumps all others.
Joe Calton Mini-Chopper (if you consider 14 inches mini). Made out of an old leafspring, with his heat treat. Used once, and put away. Bought one of his bigger choppers so this one sits now.
$145 TYD
KFU Skinner in 1095 I believe. This is a catch and release for me. Never used by myself and does not look used at all. Dyed Box Alder(?) with lighter G10 liners in a nice sheath.
$95 TYD
Trade considerations (partial, +/- cash all considered)
GEC, Queen, S&M, CSC, old Schrade (strong preference for two blade jacks, barlows, and peanuts)
Scrapyard 911 or 1311
Thanks for looking.