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almost 4 years ago
» A few autos more
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I'm already selling some autos (and Randalls, and some other knives including autos) in another post, but figured this one was a smarter way to list new items I'm offering.
These autos are pretty much cheapies or ones that need repair. I have a lot more pictures, just ask (by e-mail is fastest).
China made double action scale release. Works OK, not carried or used other than sitting open on the desk and opening the occasional letter. Lockup is good. $20
"U.S.A." auto - not actually sure I want to believe that, but maybe - has safety on top, opens quick, another one I never carried or used. $20
Schrade Walden orange handled U.S. Pilot Survival Knife - among other things. I used these in EOD for years because when you are wearing gloves to bag chemical weapons, you can't open a regular knife to cut tape or anything else. Best one I have today, don't think it was used or sharpened, some scratches, opens well but not quite far enough to pop up the button to lock blade in place - or maybe it just hits back spring and bounces back a tiny bit. I'm guessing a semi-skilled person could do something about this. I have a couple of other pictures if needed. $50
Camillus orange handled Pilot Survival Knife, pretty much the same as the Schrade Walden but made by Camillus. This one has been carried, used, sharpened, and had a rougher life. It shows the wear. Biggest problem: weak or no spring under button, so it doesn't pop back up to lock blade in place, either open or closed. This one needs some work, but once done, at least you have a nice war relic - not sure which war, but must have seen some action, right? I also have a few more pictures of this one. $35
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