Stragglers, out with ye!

almost 3 years ago
Stragglers, out with ye!
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All prices are SHIPPED with fees included.
Please email all offers.
PMs are unreliable and take longer to reply to.
I can be reached at leonardspock at gmail dot com
The terms of sale:Price include PayPal fees and USPS priority shipping with tracking.I do not accept personal checks or money orders. Paypal only, please. I am not equipped to accept Google Wallet, bitcoin, or anything else.US only, please. I am not responsible for anything that happens once an item is shipped (examples: loss, theft, confiscation). I pack things like precious treasures, so it will arrive as pictured with no surprise marks from transit.I go by time stamp to decide who claimed it first, regardless of method. I keep these threads updated to the best of my ability.
Emails are far and away the most preferred method of communication and will reach me the fastest.
Trade interests: Fixed blade knives with blades under 6(!) with Kydex or equivalent sheaths Traditional folders with wharncliffe, sheepsfoot, coping, or clip point profiles with centered blades and no wobble
Aside from those very specific ones, I also like: Wharncliffe / sheepsfoot folders! NIB / LNIB plain-edged folders in good steels! Weird, unique, and discontinued stuff! Cash! Don't be afraid to offer cash to make up a value difference! Money = knives, and knives = knives, so both work!
Trade not-interests: Fixed blades with blades over 6, non-kydex or equivalent sheaths Knucks, tops, other man-toys Flashlights, watches, things other than knives Custom knives that have a value considerably higher than the material worth (I don't want a $400 440C knife, regardless of who made it) Lots of budget knives. Example: Five $30 folders is not an offer I would entertain for a $150 knife.
Cold Steel Counter Point XL - $65
Full album HERE
What an incredibly silly knife. It is very very large. It is larger closed than several of my knives are open. If you have a peg leg, you should switch it out with this. The lockup is certainly robust enough! No play, opens surprisingly easily, comes with box and baggie. Six inches of satin-finished AUS-8 steel with the best lock in the industry shipped TYD for $65.
The thing barely fits in a flatrate box. What a silly, great knife.
Zero Tolerance 0808 - $165
Full album HERE
Like new in box, carried but unused with no signs of wear that I can detect. Absolutely perfect flipping action which is a little depressing as its better than the 0456 I got this to do a side-by-side comparison with. Shoots open, falls closed, very satisfying click from the detent when closing. Perfectly centered when closed, locks up without play, incredible knife all around.
Spyderco Szabo Carbon Fiber / DLC - $150 net
Full album HERE
Brand new in the box, centered when closed and solid when opened. Its just a very silly, very large, very black knife.
Reate Todd Begg Steelcraft Kwaiken Stonewashed LNIB - $380
Full album HERE
I had to try this out, having never held a Reat previously. With my curiosity satisfied, it is to be released back into the wild with all of the goodies intact and accounted for, including its factory edge. Flips incredibly on ceramic bearings to playless lockup and closes dead center. If youre wondering if Reate knives live up to the hype,
yeah. Yeah, they do. This is almost incomparable. I dont think Ive ever previously held a $440 knife and thought man, what a bargain.
Ill be keeping an eye on Reate now that I know they can put out quality like this.
Spyderco Southard - $165 (Buy the whole set of Southard + CF Scale + Clip for $210 shipped)
Full album HERE
Carried and used, but you could hardly tell given the minor clip wear. Blade has been stropped, lockup is tight, pivot action is just right. Comes with the box, baggie, and Spydercos new product info and warranty guide.
Spyderco Southard CF Scale and Tab - $60
Absolutely gorgeous with great depth in the CF. See the below video clip. Its pretty intense.
Spyderco Southard Titanium Deep Carry Clip - $20
Great stonewash (I wish I could find a blade with this finish) and a huge improvement over the stock clip.
TwoSun Mystery Ti / Bearing flipper with D2 steel blade - $SOLD
Full album HERE
Bought on a whim. Really neat little harpoon Ti Bearing Framelock Flipper. Billed as having D2 steel but is completely sterile and has no markings on it whatsoever. Locks up tight, flips like a rocket, falls closed. 3.5 blade with 3.25 sharpened length, 8 open, handle is 3/8 thick and blade is 1/8 stock. Comes with box and baggie.