TC Ancient Ebony Barlow

almost 3 years ago
TC Ancient Ebony Barlow
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I can be reached at leonardspock at gmail dot com
The terms of sale:Price includes PayPal fees and USPS priority shipping with tracking.Paypal only, please.US only, please. I am open to shipping worldwide if the buyer is willing to pay the difference in shipping from USPS flatrate ($6.10) and is willing to wait a day or two extra before I ship.I go by time stamp to decide who claimed it first, regardless of method.
Emails are far and away the most preferred method of communication and will reach me the fastest.
Trade interests: Benchmade Snody Juju Fixed blade knives with Kydex or equivalent sheaths Traditional folders with wharncliffe, sheepsfoot, coping, or clip point profiles with centered blades and no wobble
Aside from those very specific ones, I also like: Wharncliffe / sheepsfoot folders NIB / LNIB plain-edged folders in good steels Weird, unique, and discontinued stuff
Trade not-interests: Fixed blades with non-kydex or equivalent sheaths Knucks, tops, other man-toys Flashlights, watches, things other than knives Custom knives that have a value considerably higher than the material worth (I don't want a $400 440C knife, regardless of who made it) Lots of budget knives. Example: Five $30 folders is not an offer I would entertain for a $150 knife.
Ancient Ebony Barlow - $200
Full album HERE
Brand new in tube, centered and without wobble, great half stop and tight construction.