Three ridiculously pretty knives.

almost 3 years ago
Three ridiculously pretty knives.
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Trade interests: Fixed blade knives with blades under 6(!) with Kydex or equivalent sheaths Traditional folders with wharncliffe, sheepsfoot, coping, or clip point profiles with centered blades and no wobble
Aside from those very specific ones, I also like: Wharncliffe / sheepsfoot folders! NIB / LNIB plain-edged folders in good steels! Weird, unique, and discontinued stuff! Cash! Don't be afraid to offer cash to make up a value difference! Money = knives, and knives = knives, so both work!
Trade not-interests: Fixed blades with blades over 6, non-kydex or equivalent sheaths Knucks, tops, other man-toys Flashlights, watches, things other than knives Custom knives that have a value considerably higher than the material worth (I don't want a $400 440C knife, regardless of who made it) Lots of budget knives. Example: Five $30 folders is not an offer I would entertain for a $150 knife.
Vintage bone Wostenholm IXL two-blade knife - $50
Full album HERE
I honestly have no idea what this is worth or how old it is or really anything about it. I was just so taken with the covers that I had to have it. Just a hair over 3.5 closed, with a spear and coping blade with roughly 1.5 sharpened edges. It doesnt appear to have been used much, if at all, but it does look like someone really scratched the bejeesus out of the blades trying to either clean them or remove the japan mark on the coping blade - which kinda worked because its very difficult to see now.
Both blades have great snap, half-stops, and little-to-no wiggle. The covers are the real stars of the show here and this has project knife written all over it if you want to shine up those blades and bolsters. Im too busy these days to tack on modification, so someone else gets to enjoy these ridiculously gorgeous covers.
Great Eastern Cutlery Northfield 74 8212 SAB Autumn Gold Jig Bone - $200
Full album HERE
Priced aggressively because just look at it. Mechanically perfect and new in tube. I wanted to keep this so badly, but I really cant justify it because I have both of these blade shapes in different knives and I like both of those too much to carry this one instead, so away it goes.
Great Eastern Cutlery Northfield 89 1212 Smooth Calico Bone Serial #02 of 25 - $110
Full album HERE
Brand new in tubeish. I bought it as brand new, it certainly looks uncarried and unused, but The very very teensy tippity tip of the main blade is snapped off (I didnt even notice it until I was taking pictures) and the secondary blade has mystery scratches even though both blades are centered and neither blade has rub.
Aside from those two minor cosmetic flaws, it is intensely gorgeous and otherwise brand new in tube with matching tube and signed certificate. The brass liners have some of the most gorgeous patina I have ever seen.
This is a single-spring two-blade, so I only opened one blade at a time. That also means 2x as many pictures to show both sides of both blades, so please excuse the picture dump.