Victorinox User Alox Pioneer

almost 3 years ago
FS: Victorinox User Alox Pioneer
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This knife started off life as a used Electrician that I'd purchased to use as a donor knife to rob the eblade out of to create a Wenger Electrician.
This is the result now that the opener from the Wenger has been installed. Work was done by modder tattooSteve99. He only replaced the main pivot pin, leaving the other two factory ones intact. Selling this one off to help defray the modding expenses.
The main blade edge on this had a roll in it which looked to me someone had tried to pry with it or something. Steven was also able to correct that for me too while he had it.
There is also a discoloration spot on the alox in one spot. I don't know if it'll clean off or not.
This knife is being sold as a user. It will need to be sharpened, and I think a little buffing on the blade will improve its look a lot. The rest of the tool set looks fine. Everything has good snap and no wiggle. Knife only. No box. It's used. So it'd be a good candidate to go right to work as it comes already broke in.
I'll ship it first class in a padded envelope. US only.
$19.99 shipped.