2006 Honda VFR - ABS, Helibars, Factory Luggage

about 5 years ago
2006 Honda VFR - ABS, Helibars, Factory Luggage
Atlas Honda
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Bay Area Riders Forum
San Jose

You know, when I bought this bike 5 months ago, I was going to keep it until the wheels fell off.
I owned my 2004 model for 3.5 years and 70,000 miles before I wrecked it, and I've always said it was the best bike I've ever owned.
So, I saw this beauty for sale with all right trimmings, I jumped at the opportunity to get back one one.
Sadly, I've found that things aren't always the same the 2nd time around... like trying to get back with an old girlfriend after you've grown up, things are still familiar, but they just don't fit right any more.
Why am I still leaned so far forwards, even with the Helibars? Why do my legs feel cramped?
I've ridden a thousand miles in a day on one of these things with few complaints, why does it feel so wrong now?
I think I've grown up and just got used to being upright, in the wind, with wide handlebars... I don't think I'm a sportbike (even a gentleman's sportbike) guy any more.
However, if you still are a sportbike guy, but want something smooth and refined and with a lot more room than your average supersport, let me present to you...
2006 Honda VFR ABS - $5000
No trades, please.24,600 miles (and climbing slowly)
Purchased Sept 2014 with 21,500 miles
Clean title in hand
Other details:ABS model
Factory Givi color-matched hard luggage panniers, including bag liners
Throttlemeister cruise-control bar ends
Zero Gravity smoked windscreen
Evap canister and associated hardware removed
Wired Gerbing heated gear controller (control knob on front panel, connector lead comes out from under the seat)
Color-matched rear seat cowl
The LH fairing does show evidence of being tipped over - very slight scrapes, detailed in the pics below.
The hard bags do show evidence of either tipovers or poor lane-splitting practices... not bad scrapes, but they are not pristine
Tires: rear 50%; front is practically a slick and should be replaced ASAP.
The only maintenance I've done in the short time I've owned it is an oil/filter change at 23k
Prior owner promised me that the 16k valve adjustment was done, but no receipts or proof were included with the paperwork I received.
I took that with a grain of salt, and suggest you do as well.
However, my previous bike went 70k without ever having the valves adjusted, with no issues...
ThumperX saw this bike the other day and said she was pretty sure it was lowered.
I haven't even had the rear wheel off to check if the link triangles are swapped, but if they are, it's super simple to bring it back to stock height.
It doesn't really feel lowered to me, and I have not run into any ground clearance issues.
Contact Info:PM me here, or text/call Kegan at 808.895.9859.
Bike is available to see in E San Jose during evenings and weekends, or in south Fremont on weekdays.
Test rides OK with cash in hand.
Detail of scrapes on LH fairing:
Detail of scrapes on hard luggage:

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