2011 Honda CB1000R

20 days ago
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in a hologram, wrapped in a chimera and inserted into an illusion

This had to be the most slept-on naked sport of the decade.
In this country, anyway.
I mean, ok - it needed suspension upgrades to be ridden with 'spirit' - which I promptly took care of with 3-way Ohlins at the rear and Race Tech springs and gold valves up front.
It turned an already agile bike into a formidable back-road beast.
I also felt the "need" to swap out the stock exhaust with a handsome, sonorous Yoshimura 3/4 system.
Not very loud, but howls when put to task.
The silky smooth engine and transmission are really what makes the CB1000R an absolute pleasure to ride, whether you're a seasoned veteran or budding novice looking to break into liter-bike territory.
Throw in the fact that it's the first Japanese bike designed and produced in Italy, and you have a uniquely sublime motorcycle - the likes of which all Honda haters and arm-chair experts will simply never comprehend.
The bike has been down once in a low-speed corner, and once in a lower-speed gas station parking lot ().
No structural issues what-so-ever.
Resulting damage was cosmetic only, and all to the left side of the bike.
The good news is that I have a brand new side fairing that I never installed (a whole set, actually) and a brand new stator cover, so the only thing you may want to address is the scrape and small dimple-dent on the side of the fuel tank.
The original owner, I swore I would never sell this bike... but now that my bad knee simply can't accommodate its ergonomic demands, the time has come.
Currently 53K miles on the odometer.
Valves were last inspected at 39K.
It's a Honda:
feel free to expect hundreds of thousands of miles out of this brilliant inline 4.
Offering to BARFers first before I venture into Craigsland.
Asking $4,800 - 1% to the house.
The bike was recently registered as non-op; title is clean and in my possession.
Test rides for M1 holders with cash in hand.
Thanks for your interest!