1986 Can-Am Sonic 560 powered by Rotax!

over 2016 years ago
1986 Can-Am Sonic 560 powered by Rotax!
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Here for sale is an incredibly rare 1986 Can-Am Sonic 560. This is the last year for Can-Am. Motorcycle is titled in my name, currently on non-op, and is green sticker legal!
While a bit heavy for MX and woods use, this is a great desert bike! On paper in 1986, it was simply amazing. It features a nickel plated (from the factory!) chro-mo frame, a Rotax 560 powerplant, Acerbis NOST plastics (still available), Marzocchi M1 triple clamps and forks, gold Akront wheels, a White Power shock, Magura controls, Grimeca brakes, Mikuni flat slide carburetor, and ND electronics. A couple of aftermarket bits include a Renthal handlebar, some goofy double sprocket chain guide thing that's supposed to reduce rear dive under hard acceleration, and a Supertrapp exhaust system.
Not going to lie ... this thing is a beast to get lit, and I usually resort to pushing. Once running however, it runs great!
It runs and rides right now, but should probably get some TLC before really riding it hard. 2 seat mount bolts are broken off in the frame and need to be drilled, forks leak a bit, etc.
The bike was NOT run with no air cleaner .... I used to use a big old K&N off of a sprint car, but I removed it for use on another bike.
I have heard that this bike would be quite valuable to the right Can Am nut, but I'm afraid I will never find him! Would like to start out at $1500 or offer for it though. I mentioned in other ads that I will donate a percentage of my sales to BARF, and I will honor that with this bike. If it sells to a BARFer or a BARFer helps me find a buyer, I will donate 10% of the price.