2002 Ducati 998 San Jose

over 1 year ago
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San Jose

Location: San Jose
Miles: 11,875mi
Asking Price: $7,000 no trades please
Title: Salvage title " see cons "
Kills me to post this, but I'm letting my Ducati 998 go.
I don't ride it much anymore, its locked in the garage most of the year, taken out 2 times a month to tease it a bit.
I know I know..
But this is the best of the breed from the 916 style.
I love the 998 because this is the model that had the engine revised with components from the 749/999 bikes, and fixes the flaking rocker arm problem that plagued the 916, 748, and the 996 brothers.
-The dreaded 12k service is done. Receipt from Nichols Sportbike in hand, includes cam timing, valve adjust, new belts, etc. Includes new clutch components, Factory plates, Barnet basket, titanium bolts and throw out bearing, EVR progressive engagement pressure plate.
-D.I.D Chain and AFAM quick change sprockets " 1 up 2 down" and Bridgestone tires installed Shortly before that at Advance Cycles also Receipt in hand.
-In short, every maintenance that should concern you is done with a receipt in hand.
-Oberon clutch slave installed.
-Arrows carbon full exhaust.
-Carbon chain guard, front and rear cowl, and foot guards.
-Sargent rider seat.
-Monoposto " single seat tail" and includes Biposto " 2 seat tail" with yellow leather passenger seat.
-Various extra fairing pieces I've collected in an attempt to obtain track plastics and fuel tank " never made it that far for the track use, gave up on that dream
-Anderson rear bike stand.
-Recent Yuasa battery installed with Amazon shipping label.
-Includes clutch holder tool to help changing clutch plates, and wheel nut tool.
-And of course, factory Ohilins Shocks, and brembo brakes.
-Salvage title.
I have a CycleVin uploaded.
Story goes 1st owner had his fairings tampered with, he called in for insurance when the bike was still new.
Bike frames feels straight and looks straight.
All the mechanics that looked at the bike can't point out any frame damage.
Plan was to make this into a monster track bike, so it didn't bother me much after the initial okay given by mechanics at Ducati in Santa cruz during pre purchase inspection.
- Led turn signals installed.
Not wired up, done by previous owner " includes the factory signals but they don't seem to be functioning" I never bothered after learning the factory were broken.
-HID primary headlight installed.
Pro or a con depending whos asking.
Personally I'm not a fan, you'll have to pull out if you want the factory look.
The bike starts everytime without issue.
Please see my Youtube video for a quick review and see it in motion.
" also a shameless plug to get views