2015 Aprilia RSV4 (not running)

about 1 year ago
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Selling my red 2015 RSV4 with 3934 miles on dash and blown engine.
Clean title bike. First and only owner. Currently registered as non-op and buyer will have to pay 2 years of back fees (around $400, I'll cover rest if it will be more than that, or, you can probably keep it as non-op and just do title transfer)
Bike was used purely as a track bike
Race ECU flashed by AF1 in Texas (Bike was bought brand new from them too)
It has been down at T10 at Thunderhill last year (hit the hay bale), there is some visible paint damage on left side of the gas tank, barely noticeable scratches on LH control unit, very lightly damaged left side of the seat, and also, I had to replace left rotor
Street bodywork is completely flawless, looking brand new
Removed all track bits and put it back to completely stock
There are no other issues with the bike, except engine
Will try to pick it up from dealer this weekend and get more details on what's wrong with engine, but as far as I understood from our phone conversation, exhaust valve dropped to cylinder and that caused engine to seize.
Asking $3900 for the bike as is, converted to street trim.
Engine swap will cost you around $3000-$3500.
Not yet planning to part it out. I will be putting track goodies for sale only if I'll sell the bike first.
I don't have any actual pictures, but it looks pretty close to what it was looking 2 years ago, except seat, gas tank and LH control unit that were damaged.

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