How to value an older bike?

over 6 years ago
How to value an older bike?
Harley Davidson
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I t looks like I am going to have to sell my Springer. It is a 1995 badboy with way to many mods to list. So my question is, how do you put a value on a bike like this? I mean, the bluebook price on a 95 fxstsb is something like 5500 bucks, but I have no idea how to value things like the wheels and tins, chrome parts, paint etc.I bought it for 10500 about 5 years ago and have only put on about 3000 miles (about 26000 on the clock now). It was not quite showbike when I bought it, and I have done nothing to make it more valuable. As a matter of fact, I have only put on a battery and rode it. The paint is starting to lift at the fuelcap and somebody bumped the tank and chipped the paint a little on one side. Also, the little odometer reset thingy fell out the other day.So can anybody tell me what I should hope to get for it?