2005 Warrior in MA

12 months ago
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RS Warrior
Worcester, Massachusetts

Well, I bought this bike less than a year ago. Those of you that have followed my modding progress (i.e. me dumping money into my Warrior), and helped me along the way, know I intended to keep her for a while. That changed about a week ago when I found a good deal on a Raider... and I just don't ride enough to justify two bikes.
She's in excellent condition and needs absolutely nothing. Heck, the rear tire is only two weeks old! Mileage is currently at 14k. Here's the list of other stuff I did to her over the winter:
- Churchkey VBAK intake
- AIS valve system removed
- Oil change and K&N chrome filter
- Double T bars and risers
- 31T front pulley
- Iridium spark plugs
- Corbin Seat
- Barons adjustable links (currently only lowered 1" from stock)
- Pacific Coast Cruiser progressive rear shock
- Front lower-lip cowl
- National cycle fly-screen
- Cobra Swept Exhaust
- Headlight modulator
- Power Commander PC3 USB fuel injection manager
- Lithium Iron battery
- Avon air grips
- New rear tire installed on June 3.
I'm asking for $4,900 on c-list. Here are my bottom prices for rswarrior folk:
$4,400 - As she sits.
$4,200 - I keep the lower lip cowl and the Lithium battery. I have a brand new AGM battery (I bet I have the receipt, I got it a month ago from batteriesplus) that I'll put in her.
$4,000 - I keep the lower lip cowl, Li battery, and the corbin seat.
Now for some Warrior porn...
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all that have helped me learn the warrior inside and out. I'm sure the majority of that knowledge will easily transfer to my Raider. And hopefully you all don't mind if I continue to hang out here, bust some balz, and enjoy this forum.