2002 Yellow SV650 28.7k miles

over 3 years ago
2002 Yellow SV650 28.7k miles
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I bought this beautiful 2002 SV650 from a fellow BARFer who in turn bought it from a BARfer. Links here and here from prior sales.
I am asking $2000 for the bike.
More pictures here.
Less than 100 miles ago I had the oil and filter changed, the chain cleaned and lubed, and the rear brake caliper cleaned (it was a bit squeaky).
I have had one issue with the bike. The battery is not being recharged well from the engine. My mechanic put it on a voltmeter to show me. This means that if the bike is kept off of the battery tender (I'll include that in the purchase), then there's a chance of the bike not having enough juice to fire up. The issue could be a dead cell in the battery or something going on with the stator.
This has been a great first bike for me. The bike is clean, the title is clean. M1 and cash in hand for a test ride. I'm located in El Cerrito, and am available before or after work on the weekdays and my schedule is quite flexible on the weekends. Shoot me a note and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Included in the purchase: the front windscreen (I think the bike looks better without it, but it does help with wind protection), the battery tender (already connected to the battery), and the original shock (the previous owner installed a
ZX 636 Rear Shock and changed the fork oil to 15 weight to improve handling).