Aprilia RRV450 For Sale

over 1 year ago
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Have a SXV450 converted to RRV450 specifications. Bought this bike last year with the intention of removing the engine for use in my one-off roadrace chassis.
Ended up finding another engine so I didn't need to butcher this bike. The reality is that I do not know the history of this bike. I bought it from a guy that rode it once and loved it but needed to sell it to get some funds to buy a old Muzzy Superbike. His recollection of what the bike had been through with the previous owner was spotty at best. At this point I do know it starts easily and runs really strong. I noticed when it has been sitting around it will smoke a bit when started cold and smoke disappears quickly once a little heat gets into the engine. SXV's are hard to predict. You could possibly hop on this bike and ride it across country and have no issue or you could take it out and have issues. The new owner should have a reputable tuner go through the motor and check it out.
The bike was originally track only and never registered. Owner had modified rear subframe and exhaust and stripped down the wire harness. I replaced the rear subframe with a brand new subframe along with a new battery box, battery, muffler and tail pipes. I also installed a new stock wire harness with all street wiring in tact.
I also was able to get the bike Titled and Registered for street use in California. It is registered as a true 2007 Aprilia SXV450. I don't ride street anymore but the new owner has the option to do so. Bike will come with street conversion parts i.e. cooling fan, handlebar switchgear, taillight, headlight, turns signals.
Bike is located in Northern California. I will help deliver within California and will deliver to ForwardAir if you want to use one of their bike shipping crates.
Asking $4750 Please email me at rleuer@comcast.net if interested.