Harbor Freight folding trailer

about 2016 years ago
Harbor Freight folding trailer
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Santa Clara

Asking $220. They're brand new on sale for $310 (which includes shipping) not assembled.
It's a folding trailer which makes for easy storage. I bought it off another BARFer about a year ago and I only used it twice. I'm only selling it because I won't be doing track days any time soon and don't need it.
Total mileage on this thing is probably under 400 miles, always stored inside. Registered, titled, all that good stuff. Load capacity is ~1000lbs.
It comes with the Harbor Freight wheel chock (not pictured, but you can see where it fits in the picture). I also added 4 eye-hooks on each corner for super easy tie-down points. I also wrapped all the wiring in some black plastic covering to help protect it. It will also come with a locking trailer hitch pin and a spare tire.
The only thing bad (ish) is that I wasn't sure if the previous owner packed the bearings, so I filled them up using the bleed nipples. I definitely filled it to capacity since it will occasionally drip some grease, but I wanted to be sure the bearings didn't overheat and lock.
Full disclosure: it's a pain to get the tongue off the ball. It seems to be a design flaw on these trailers.
I'm pretty sure it's this model: http://www.harborfreight.com/1090-lb...res-90153.html
Actual picture from the day I bought it, very little is different now:
In Santa Clara. I can show it weekdays after 6, and on some weekends.