2012 GSX-R 750 Marble Daytona Yellow, 8350 miles.

9 months ago
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Hi guys,
I'm selling this great bike! I bought it month ago from my friend. I was going to commute from MV to SV office every day. Unfortunately I have to commute to SF office now, so I don't want to ride it to SF.
I was riding for just 3 weeks. I just changed oil + filter and also OEM air filter.
It's 2012 GSX-R 750 (clean title), 8350 miles and it slightly grows as I still ride on weekends. It also has:
- Two Brothers M-2 Silver Series Carbon Exhaust
- Pretty new front/rear tires, Michelin Pilot Road (front) / Pilot Power 2CT (rear)
- Rear seat cover (carbon) + original rear seat.
- Front / Rear camera Innov K1 (http://www.innovv.com/the-k)
- Tuned clutch/brake levers.
- Sliding rails (my friend just dropped it once on the parking lot and it has some scratches on the left rail and plastic)
- Fender eliminator kit (I have an original fender too)
Bike is great with no issues and I really sad I have to sell it, but I just don't have time to ride on it as I'm in SF the whole week.
Price is: 8350$ (it's the same price I bought it a month ago) and I spent 200$ more for oil + filters.