2005 Yamaha R6 - 34k mi -

about 4 years ago
2005 Yamaha R6 - 34k mi -
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I bought this bike from a fellow BARFer 'Slate' at the end of April 2014. I used it to commute 22 miles to San Francisco from the peninsula and back most weekdays, with a couple of rides up and down 84 and to Alice's. My reason for selling is that I started riding my friends upright seating position bikes (versys, hyperstrada) and I bought an FZ1 to commute and avoid backpain. I don't ride spiritedly very often so it doesn't make sense to keep a 2nd sportier bike. I'm going to save time by copying/pasting from the ad 8 months ago, as not much has changed in that time except going from 28,000 to 34,272 miles as of 1/9/15. Registration goes through June? 2015 now, and the title is clean. Text me at 719-232-8360 -Chris
I'm only asking $3500, reducing the price from last year for the additional miles I put on, and (if you happen to view the original ad here you'll notice that I didn't grab all of the apparel extras that were offered for his $3900 price as some of the gear didn't fit me.
Changes/comments in red
Power commander III
Leo Vince Ti full exhaust w/ carbon fiber can- heat wrapped to keep the temps down (Shorty, louder can available also with sale... will check brand)
Proton Flushmount turn signals
Tinted windscreen
auctmart fairings w/ seat cowl
Pro-oiler system- never need to grease your chain again!
520 chain conversion with steel sprockets. 16/47 front/rear with EK rivet chain
Stahlbus brake bleeders
HEL front brake lines
Galfer Wave front rotors
Sato Racing rear sets
Adjustable clutch & brake levers
B&M air filter
Rear LED tail lights and blinkers
Front LED strips that are connected to the turn signals and are also running lights. The rightside LED 'halo' stopped working.. maybe a loose wire or turn off the left side to make it look uniform if you care
Aftermarket aluminum side engine covers- vortex brand
Woodcraft frame sliders
Vortex clip-ons
Garage door opener that triggers from high beam (I did not use this and can't recall exactly how it works)
Scorpio alarm system w/ proximity sensor (I didn't use this and unplugged the module underneath the rear seat, but it's all still there)
Maintenance: Keep in mind to add my +6k miles
Replaced both tires about 6k ago Bridgestone BT23's (+6k miles, not completely worn but getting there)
Replaced front brake pads at the same time as tires with EBC HH
Performed valve check during Christmas break- all within spec
Coolant change w/ valve check- including 1 bottle of water wetter
Replaced spark plugs w/ valve check
Only Mobil 1 synthetic used for oil changes.
Chain and sprockets have plenty of life.
The bad:
Clutch lever side lower fairing has melted a bit due to the Leo Vince exhaust being too close. I was told the exhaust was a prototype by previous owner.
Grips need to be replaced. (They still do, bought black renthals but have not installed. Included)
Bike has been down before by previous owner. It has been checked out by a frame specialist. It rides straight and true. No issues since I've had it in 2 years.
Rear shock has been modified. I think the PO had some sort of reservoir added so that it's easily adjusted at the track. I bolted it to the swing arm and it's rubbed away some of the powder coat. (When I bought the bike, the rear shock wasn't bolted to the swingarm any more, those threads broke and now is held on by zipties)
Couple of tiny dents in the tank that was there when I bought the bike.

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