2008 Yamaha Super Single (YZ450SS)

almost 2 years ago
2008 Yamaha Super Single (YZ450SS)
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I have a long winded description I set up to explain what I can. Those who have seen this bike or race in the AFM have probably looked at it.
Eligible for several AFM classes: 250 Superbike, 450 Superbike, Formula 3 (was Formula Singles), Formula 4, and any lightweight classes the rider qualifies for (clubman, old folks , AFemme)
In short, I've crashed it twice. Turn 3 THill on my 3rd lap with the bike. Replaced the right peg. Turn 7 at Sears point. Replaced windscreen with shorter (better tuck) and right peg again. Rest remains massaged by the asphalt. Wish my suits and helmets crashed this well. The motor, for those naysayers, had +- 4 seasons on it before a screw came out of the stator and exploded the transmission. Rebuild of all seals, bearings, gaskets, and effected parts by Yamaha Mechanic.
Bike is painted white and the rest of what you see are decals. All removable and it is what I do on the side. I'm happy to put your numbers on the bike and more if you pass the attitude test.
Finished 1st in Formula singles 2012, 2nd 250 SB, and in 2013 finished 2nd in both classes due to mechanical. Won all but one race when I completed the race in 2013.
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2008 Yamaha YZ450 base and turned into a road racer. This is the concept from 2009 with Roland Sans and others building the 'Super Single.' This version is a mix of GP Tech and Roland Sans ideas. It is an absolute blast to ride and won me several races in the last two AFM race seasons. Time to move on ...
Basics: 2008 Yamaha YZ450 Titled in my name and red sticker current - $9000 (BARF: $8500)
Price above is for everything... Starter, spares (clutch, bar ends, brake pads, master cylinder, etc), new Bridgestone slicks, spare front wheel, tire warmers, and probably more. Ready to go racing and I'll pay for Dave Moss to setup the bike for you. If you go to sears point I'll come out and help, give tips, whatever is needed. I LOVE this bike and only have to sell to be responsible.
- 2008 Yamaha YZ450 (never seen dirt use, expect my off track excursions)
- Current title, red sticker, in my name
- Unk miles or hours. I have two AFM race weekends on the rebuild
- Basically an 08 YZ450 frame, motor, swingarm.
- R6r Front end (Forks, wheel, brake caliper, master cylinder)
- Ohlins rear shock with height adjustment (We had this custom build and valved by PSI)
- Graves ignition module (have oem as well)
- Graves oil recycle (allows oil spit out crankcase to return to motor)
- Graves fuel catch (supermoto stuff)
- GPX Data tool/dash (Does a wonderful job)
- Supermoto Engineering (I think) spool/axle adjustment
- Wave Rotor, Galfer pads (mid grade I'll have to check)
- Bad ass caliper bolts, titanium? They weigh nothing.
- Valter Moto Rear sets (04 R1 pattern I think) with adapters making them adjustable
- Vortex front and rear sprockets (I have several different sizes for our local tracks)
- Galespeed rear wheel (rarely needs weight with Bridgestone slicks)
- Roland Sans Bodywork (can't get any longer, planned on using RS250 body work next)