BENRUS UDT, Type 2 Class A, Mvt. Serviced.

5 months ago
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Has a Brand New Custom Crystal made identical to Original..Fits without any Spacers or whatever common with over the counter crystals..
Has a NEW Screw Crown..Not Original but Looks Good and screws down without problems.
Movement Serviced by My Watchmaker here in Spokane, Runs well and operates well..
Left the lime alone ,My Watchmaker stabilized what's there but I wanted to leave as it is..
Dial VERY Clean and does not have scratches..Lume has aged and closely resembles the aged lime in the hands..
Only problem, is it has removable STRAP Pins..The owner had a jeweler drill out the fixed lugs to allow other than 1 piece...I was going to have fixed pins installed but will leave that up to NEW owner..Unless I don't sell it , then, I'll have it done for me!!
Has some delamitation of the Insert as seen in the pictures..A Few dings here in there but it is a 1977 vintage that has seen use out in the real world !!
Sell for $1900 Shipped and Sale ONLY in the States or US Address......Sorry too many problems shipping overseas!!!
Funds WIRED or PayPalled plus 4% or other arrangements..
Dale Arnold
Spokane, Wa.