Boccia (Tutima) civilian Bund

about 2 years ago
Boccia (Tutima) civilian Bund
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Today I'm offering the most comfortable watch I've ever worn. This is the civilian version of the Bund watch that's issued to German Marines. It's all titanium with hooded/drilled lugs and rounded, no snag edges. The crown and pushers all have guards. Note that this model is rated for 100m. There are some similar looking watches available for cheap, but they're rated for 30m. This model also has a sapphire crystal. It's between 38 or 39mm without the crown or pushers (there's nothing tactical about a gigantic, 250 gram watch). It has lume, but mediocre would be generous. The contrast between the pure white and black gives it most of its low light legibility.
This watch uses a Miyota analog/digital display. I changed the battery a few months ago and it's been keeping great time. There is another new battery included with the box and paperwork. As you'll see I didn't bother to break out the manual and reset the date. This watch was worn for all sorts of activities and is fairly well covered in scratches, as is typical with untreated titanium. I think it looks fantastic. Unfortunately the crystal picked up a scratch at the 5 o'clock marker. It's toward the edge, and I didn't even realize it until looking at it the last time I considered listing it.
The reason I didn't list it before is because it really is the most comfortable watch I've ever worn. The stock 20/20 strap is nothing to write home about, other than a nice titanium buckle, but on a NATO strap this thing is like wearing nothing at all. (I have a number of 20mm straps listed, I'm sure we can work out a deal if you're interested.) It is perfect for a golfer or tennis player, and light years better looking than a plastic G-Shock (yes, I own and have owned plenty of those).
The dial has a similar aesthetic appeal to me as a Sinn 556. Unfortunately I'm a complete Neanderthal and I've become accustomed to the fast and easy time reading of an all or mostly Arabic dial, and this watch has been neglected. It's time for it to find a new owner.
$99 with shipping and PayPal fees included in the CONUS.
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