Borealis Navale Bronze Blue Dial

11 months ago
Deep Blue
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This is a first for me.
I need professional help. I am offering up something I've never even worn.
Borealis! I love Borealis!.
I have three Borealis, and two in-bound.
This is a very handsome unworn watch. You see, I was in a bronze phase.
An itch that I .... over scratched. I ordered this pre-order, and it does not disappoint. But, I have several bronze watches, and this is a bit chunky, and I know I will not wear it often.
Yes, I will wear it next summer to the beach, and it will patina, and I will love it, and take photos of it, and post them.........and then it will go into the case next to the other bronzes.......
But if you've never had a bronze, and you've never played with forcing a patina, or actually watching it change as you swim in the ocean....
there are worse watches you could start with.
Honestly, this is my my 5th bronze; and I love 'em. So, if I can't sell it.........mmmmokay. This is sold out! Stickers have not been removed.
Click link below for review. Myota movement! am offering it at $425.00.
Price includes US USPS 2nd Day Air
shipping and PayPal fees. International shipping is responsibility of
buyer, or negotiated. I am NOT desperate to sell, or to raise money, so
don't insult me with a super low-ball offer.
I have plenty of positive feedback. Feel free to ask for more info, or a better pic.
Thank you for looking!