20 mm hand made straps

about 1 year ago
Glashutte Original
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Hand made from start to finish.
Holes punched one at a time.
Lot of work and not a lot of profit when all is said and done, but done more for fun and a side from my Panerai models
20 mm
75/120 mm
4 mm thick
Price is $60.00
Brown sharkskin - 20 mm regular - 75/125 mm - 4 mm thick
Price is $55.00
Dayton - 20 mm Regular - 75/125 mm - 3.75 mm thick
Price is $55.00
Derb - 20 mm regular - 75/125 mm - 4 mm thick - middle hole a touch wider
Price - $65.00
Casa Fagliano styled
While based closely on the original model for JLC Reverso models.
Could be used on other dress watches with 20 mm spacing.
Not for heavy weighted dive watches etc.
Original used shoe sole leather for stiffness. I used what I had at hand, so straps vary on stiffness
Priced based on the overall quality
Done to the original thickness specs
All straps are 20 x 20 mm
Brown leather was a test of my current stitching to see if fine enough, but a shade thicker than needed
Price is $40.00
Tan leather - 75/120 mm
Price is $50.00
Dayton Vintage Leather - 75/120 mm
Price is $60.00.
Blue Bayou - 75/120 mm
Price is $65.00
XL Dayton model - 95/140 mm - 3 mm thick along main body
Price - $65.00
Urushi - Hand dyed and finished Japanese leather - 75/120 mm
Price is $65.00
Let me know if interested
Shipping depends on total order, but average price is $3.50 - $6.50 for single straps
Please email me tickman@rogers.com
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