1983 Rolex Vintage 16800 Men's Steel Sub "Matte" Black Boxes Papers Atocha Treasure History

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For sale is a 1983 Rolex Vintage 16800 Men's Steel Submariner "Matte" Black Boxes Papers Atocha Treasure History
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Purchased from the Original Owner who was a Diver for Mel Fisher for 9 years. There were a handful of Divers in the water the day that The Atocha Motherlode was discovered. This Diver was one of those few. Those few Divers in the water that day are known as the Golden Crew. This Golden Crew Diver has kept an Overwhelming amount of Complete and Accurate Documentation through the entire History of this watch.
It is Extremely likely this Submariner is the Only One in the World that can be verified as to its Significance and Use in the initial Discovery and Recovery of the Historical and Massive Atocha Treasure.
100% Authentic and Original Rolex 16800 Matte Dial Men's Submariner Oyster Perpetual Date Solid Stainless Steel watch with the QuickSet date feature and Sapphire Crystal.
Included also is the Authentic Atocha "Pieces of Eight" Real (pronounced REE-AL) Coin that was given to him by Mel Fisher himself. Currently a "Pieces of Eight" Atocha Coin is valued at about $4,000. Included is a signed and notarized affidavit from this Diver regarding the gifting from Mel Fisher of this coin.
Factory Original Rolex Black Matte Dial that has not been refinished.
Original Rolex Single Direction Solid Stainless Steel Bezel with the Black Bezel Insert.
NOTE: The Black Insert was once replaced by Rolex while being serviced. We have and are including the Original replaced Bezel Insert.
These Matte Dial Submariners are becoming increasingly sought after and more valuable every year. The same is true regarding the Atocha "Pieces of Eight" coin.
Included are the Authentic & Original Rolex Inner and Outer Boxes, Oyster and 2 Factory Service Booklets, 2 Factory Service Warranty Papers, full Serial Number & Amber Hang Tags, Original Vintage Rolex Anchor, Wipe Cloth, Original Purchase Receipt from Mayors Jewelers and a Signed by the Author Treasure Hunt Book. Also, in Photo # 2, you can see the numerous receipts and correspondence over the years.
In the Book "Treasure Hunt", this Diver was Photod and Editorialized in this "Signed by the Author" Book.
September 25th 1985 letter to the Rolex Dealer Mayors Jewelers stating the fact that he is a Diver with Treasure Salvors Inc, Mel Fishers Company that found and recovered the Atocha Treasure.
This watch was purchased new on June 11th, 1983.
"The Atocha Motherlode" was discovered by Mel Fisher's team on July 20th, 1985. This initial recovery lasted for 3 years. However, still today they are recovering from this Massive & Historical Sunken Treasure. The Nuestra Senora de Atocha is the largest Sunken Treasure find in World History. To Date, the 1622 Nuestra Senora de Atocha Treasure Recovery is valued at over Half a BILLION Dollars.
There were only a handful of Divers present and in the water on the July 20th 1985 Discovery. These Divers are known as the Golden Crew. He was one of the handful of Divers.
Wearing this Rolex, he has appeared in the movies: James Bond License to Kill, Charter Boat, Play Boys Sex on the Beach, Welcome to Miller Time and the National Geographic Atocha Documentary.
Also appearing in the Television Commercials: Miller High Life and American Express. He was in numerous other photos shoots and books regarding the Expedition during the 1980s.
We guaranty 100% Authenticity as described.
We have a 3 day Verification of Authenticity ONLY return policy.
Our Rolex Trained and Certified Watchmaker has fully Serviced, Regulated and Pressure Tested to a Depth of 60ft.
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