Halios Seaforth III Grey date Dial, PVD case

about 2 months ago
FS: Halios Seaforth III Grey date Dial, PVD case
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For sale: this Grey date dial, PVD-case Halios Seaforth, IMHO one of the better iterations of the Seaforth line. In certain light it has a stealth look to it, while still wearing comfortably on the 40mm case, keeping accurate time and winding like butter. It's an amazing watch, and I'm only keeping it because I have two versions and happen to like the bezeled version better. I've only worn this a few times, maybe two or three. Still comes with the plastic on the back.
Comes with both Halios straps - canvas and rubber with matching PVD buckles - and the blue Halios leather travel case.
Asking $725 net to me via PayPal or wire. Ask if you have any questions.

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