For sale only, No trade Offers, Please, Ikepod Seaslug 39mm

6 months ago
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I've admired these for years, and i saw this store display model for sale at a really good price, and i went for it. But the reality is, i really shouldn't be spending this kind of money on a watch. So i paid $1461 for it, and that's a good price, and i wore it two times, so i am going to pass this deal on to you, $1,450 net or best offer.
This watch is 39mm wide, which i think is an ideal size, total thickness of the watch is only 9mm, so it wears nice and flat, the strap is very comfortable, the lume is really
very good. It has a gmt function which is nice for tracking other time zones, everything functions as it should. if you really scrutinize the watch in blazing sun light you can find two tiny, tiny nicks, so tiny a fingernail won't discern them, one around the 2 minute mark, one around the 30 minute mark on the outer edge of the bezel.
if you were not looking for them, they would not be apparent. The movement is fantastic, i never saw it get off by more than 2 seconds per 24 hours. comes with inner and outer Ikepod boxes. If you like the watch, check out what it sells for elsewhere, and you'll probably agree this is the best way to buy a watch of this caliber in pretty much new condition. I could see this being a one-watch collection, it can be a dress watch or a sports watch, and it really is a beautiful design. the retailer i bought it from gives it a one-year guarantee.
So, $1450 net gets it today, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, please check my reputation and feedback here, which are spotless. Thanks to Watchuseek and thanks for looking.